1. New Jersey Transit operates or contracts out the following bus routes across the Delaware River from Camden, Gloucester, and Salem counties, with most running to Philadelphia via the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, with the exception of the 418 and 419, which do not enter Pennsylvania, and the 423 …


  1. The number 411 can refer to: * The year 411, the four hundred and eleventh year of the Gregorian calendar * 4-1-1, a telephone directory assistance number in the United States and Canada ** By extension, a slang term for information. …


  1. *The Burgundians and the Alans elevate the usurper Jovinus as Western Emperor.


  1. 400 (four hundred) is the natural number following three hundred [and] ninety-nine and preceding four hundred [and] one.


  1. The 411 were a four-piece English female R&B group formed late in 2002. The band formed after a couple of the members sang backup vocals on Lemar's version of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." The band took its name after the Mary J. Blige song "What's The 411?".


  1. 411 Xanthe is a large Main belt asteroid.


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