From Welsh mythology, the Afanc is a lake monster, described as a beaver, dwarf-like, or crocodile-like creature, with rare descriptions resembling that of a demon. The lake it dwells in varies. As a matter of fact, Llyn yr Afanc, which is a lake near Betws-y-Coed, was named after this mythical creature. Legend has it that this lake monster would prey or feed on anything that dares to fall into or swim in its lake. Some tales describe the creature as being once chained by villagers while in the lap of a maiden and dragged away to the lake Cwm Ffynnon or being killed by Peredur. Also, many ascribe this creature’s death to King Arthur or to Percival.

Etched deep into the rock close to Llyn Barfog in Snowdonia is a petrosomatoglyph, which is an image of parts of a human or animal body on rock. This was supposedly made by King Arthur’s mount, Llamrai, when it was hauling the Afanc in the lake. This was etched deep in the rock “Cam March Arthur”, or “Stone of Arthur’s Horse”.

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