Episode A1

Episode A1: "THULE"

Beginning Quote: Poe, Thule.
Stranger sleeping in Room 411.
Stranger has Summerland Dream.
Stranger awakens in hotel room.
Stranger explores room.
Stranger leaves room.
Stranger goes down stairs. The stairs continue on down further into darkness.
Stranger arrives at Lobby of hotel.
Stranger talks to Guy Behind Desk.
Guy Behind Desk is politely uninformative and briskly unhelpful.
Stranger is apparently amnesiac. But purposeful.
Stranger stands in Lobby.
Stranger POV- the Lobby.
Guy Behind Desk POV- the Stranger.
Stranger goes back to room.
Jump cut to Stranger in shower.
Jump cut to Stranger on bed.
Stranger sleeps.
Stranger awakens.
Stranger goes downstairs again.
Stranger goes past Guy Behind Desk without speaking, goes outside.
Outside- Manatee Mansion is surrounded by forest, and is apparently a good way up a mountain.
Stranger explores forest.
Stranger meets Sassafrass.
Sassafrass tells Stranger "I ended up here the same way maybe".
Stranger leaves Sassafrass and goes down mountain towards sound of water.
Stranger arrives at Manatee River.
Voice behind Stranger.
Stranger meets The Sherriff.
"Stranger, huh? Well, you're welcome here just the same."
"Good to know."
"Knowing's a third of the battle, I always find."
"What are you doing here?"
"Investigating a Murder."
"A Murder? HERE?"
"Here, there, anywhere. Murder's Murder."
"Who died?"
"You mean, 'Who was Murdered' I think. It was no accident."
"Who was Murdered then, Sherriff?"
"A young lady by the name of Nova Holland. Heard of her?"
"Never. But then my head's pretty foggy."
"Understandable. Well I have serious work to do, see you round, Stranger…"
Stranger heads back to Manatee Mansion.
End Quote: Lovecraft, Island of Ignorance.

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