Episode A3

Episode A3: "COLD"

Beginning Quote: Poe, Raven.
Stranger is blundering through The Forest.
"If I just keep trying to head up I should find some kind of path back to the hotel!"
"The next time I do this I have to be better prepared!"
It starts raining lightly.
Stranger stops as he hears a noise through the rain…
"Is someone following me?"
The rain gets heavier.
Stranger rushes through the rain in the dark in The Forest.
Stranger finds a shack.
Stranger approaches the shack.
Stranger hesitates outside the shack.
The rain becomes a true storm. Thunder, torrential rain, wind.
"OK, this is stupid. I have to get out of this storm or I'll die of pneumonia or pleurisy or something."
Stranger cautiously enters the shack.
Inside the shack it's dry and musty.
Stranger explores a little, finds a map to a labyrinth.
"I'm keeping that. Hopefully it's the solution to that hedge maze outside the hotel! Sooner or later I'll end up in it and at least now I have the map to the place. Maybe…"
There comes a tapping on the door to the shack.
"Who goes there?"
"Can I come in?"
"Who are you?"
"Who are you?"
"Never mind all that. I'm concerned for my safety. Move where I can see you. There's been funny business tonight already."
Stranger tries to peer out to see who's there. It's pitch black outside.
"Can you see me?"
"So I stay outside?"
"Absolutely. No offence, but someone tried to spook me at The Dig earlier on tonight so now I'm taking no chances."
"I wasn't at that place tonight."
"So you say. I'll just keep the door barred anyway if it's all the same to you!"
"Can we at least talk?"
"OK. But no funny business."
Stranger talks with the stranger outside… Who eventually is revealed as… Indrid Cold
Eventually Stranger falls asleep.
Stranger has Dance Dream.
Dawn comes, rain stops- Stranger wakes up and leaves shack.
Stranger finally finds his way back to hotel.
Stranger has quite tense exchange with Guy Behind The Desk who is outside having a smoke in the dawn fog.
End Quote: Lovecraft, Celephaïs.

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