Episode A4

Episode A4: "MINOTAUR"

Beginning Quote: Agatha Christie, Truth Is Always Beautiful.
Stranger wakes up, early- it's still dark.
Stranger sneaks downstairs- it's clear he doesn't want to encounter the Guy Behind The Desk, who never seems to sleep.
However this time he didn't need to worry- the Guy Behind The Desk is having his shower whilst he thinks all the guests (if there are any) are asleep.
Agatha is spying on the Stranger.
The Stranger goes out through the Western Doors and into the Hedge Maze.
He explores the Hedge Maze. He stops to use his maze map - it works! This is one of the mazes mapped on it.
Stranger encounters a hostile dog. And another. Soon, there is a pack of vicious wild dogs surrounding him. He runs for his life, taking various turns in the maze.
The wild dogs attack and he fights them off.
Recovering, he moves on, and finds the center of the Hedge Maze.
There is a crypt.
He enters the crypt.
Inside, he finds a few items- it seems someone had camped out there recently.
He finds a book- and takes it. It is a weird book, some sort of magic book possibly.
The Stranger uses his map again and heads out of the maze.
The Guy Behind The Desk is back on duty but the Stranger sneaks away.
Sneaking into his room, he sits down and starts reading the book…
BOOK MONTAGE SEQUENCE - information dump
Stranger looks up- hours have passed as he has read.
There is a knock on his door.
He opens it to find-
End Quote: Philip K. Dick, In The Middle Of The Night.

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