Episode A6

Episode A6: "SCOOBY"

Beginning Quote: Lovecraft, Dread Glimpses.
Just as Agatha is going to be clobbered from behind by the Fake Spook, the Stranger clobbers the Spook instead!
Dropping like a sack of potatoes, the Spook hits the floor.
Stranger crouches down to unmask him-
Agatha and the Stranger hear someone coming.
"I can't be found here!"
"Why not?"
"I'd lose my job!"
"My boss is suspicious of me already- if I get fired, where will I go? I'd have to live in a shack or something!"
"Look, I can't risk it!"
"OK OK!"
They hide, leaving the Spook where he lay.
Moving off, they discuss their plans.
"We need to get a look in your boss' filing cabinet. If we can get the key to Room 273 then we can take a look inside and see if there are any clues to Nova Holland's murder."
"Why are you so obsessed by her? Did you know her?"
FLASHBACK- to where Stranger tells Nova Holland in the Dance Dream that he's falling in love with her.
"Anyway, if solving the mysteries means you'll also find a way out of here for both of us, I'm in."
"OK. So if you can, distract your boss. Whilst you do that, I'll sneak into his office and check out the filing cabinet."
They put their plan into action, but in fact there is no need.
Guy Behind The Desk is talking with The Sherriff.
"OK, revised plan- I'll just sneak in and check out the filing cabinet, you keep watch out here."
"Good luck."
Stranger sneaks in and checks out the files.
Finds strange stuff he'd dearly love to look at closer- but no time to do so.
Gets keys.
As he leaves, the Guy Behind The Desk finishes talking to the Sherriff and calls for Agatha.
"Go and leave a message for the stranger in Room 411. The Sherriff wants to talk to him."
Agatha heads to Room 411.
She meets up with the Stranger.
"Success. Now we can take a look in Room 273!"
"Great. Also my boss sent me to find you- the Sherriff wants to talk to you."
"He can keep. I've done nothing wrong."
Stranger and Agatha go to Room 273.
"So this is the East Wing. It's creepy…"
"I try and avoid it unless I'm ordered to clean up here."
"I can understand why."
They enter the room.
It's dark, cluttered and obviously not lived in for some time.
"Remember how I said the East Wing was creepy? I take it back. THIS is creepy."
They explore. Agatha finds something.
"Look, she WAS investigating something!"
They look at a book…
"It's a notebook. Most of it seems innocuous. But this… Listen…"
VO "Why? What's behind the Mine Door?"
VO "That's the door behind that waterfall."
They exchange a look.
"If we go there, find the key… What then? Where is this leading us?"
"Well it's leading us towards solving her murder."
"And then what?"
"Then… Well… Then… I guess then we'll know where we are."
"That doesn't make sense to me."
"Look, like I told you before, I just know that this murder is important. Critically important. Once that mystery is solved I know things will fall into place. Then we'll get out of here."
"I know-"
They hear a sound-
The Guy Behind The Desk is walking down the East Wing, towards Room 273
Agatha and Stranger quietly close the door to the room and then wait in hiding…
The Guy Behind The Desk tries the door knob of Room 273
End Quote: Jung, Darkness Of Mere Being.

Video of episode coming soon! :)
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