Indrid Cold

“They aren’t making contact only around here,” Mrs. Derenberger told me. “They are doing this all over the country. But they find the people in West Virginia more receptive.”

“It was at that second meeting, the night of November 4, that Cold told me about himself. He’s from a planet called ‘Lanulos,’ located near the galaxy ‘Genemedes.’ They have woods, streams, fields, oceans, the same as we do. They’ve taken samples of our vegetation, our animals. Ours are much like theirs. Cold is married, his wife is named Kimi and he had two sons at that time. Has three children, now, one was born right around Christmas time, a little girl.”

“They’re Time Travelers,” Mrs. Derenberger injected.

“That’s right,” Woody said. “In the fourth dimension. One reason they can’t stay here too long at a time is because they get younger down here instead of older. Their life span is 125 - 175 years, but if they stayed here too long I think they’d go back in years and possibly forget how to manipulate their craft.”

Prior to the Mothman even showing his menacing red eyes to its first unsuspecting prey, a man just miles north of Point Pleasant was enduring experiences far beyond his comprehension. Woodrow Derenberger, an average man of good will and promise, a hard worker and laborer, finds his path on the road ahead take a turn for the worst one late night on his journey home. He not only comes upon an immobile aeronautical craft like he has never seen before, but also one of its occupants, “Indrid Cold.” Derenberger begins what would become a regular, but unwanted ongoing relationship with what he described as an extraterrestrial biological entity, that looked almost entirely human but had roots from the far distances of space. Another unfathomable and unbelievable story of a crackpot one might be quick to judge. However, like Mothman, this highly doubtful and bizarre story would quickly accumulate enough evidence and eye witness testimony to cause even the skeptical to ascertain validity to the alleged accounts.

The night Derenberger states he met “Indrid Cold” on the side of a dark desolate road in West Virginia, he was not alone. Shockingly, as his story unfolded, more witnesses came forward to declare they had also witnessed unexplainable lights in the sky above his location, as well as a figure standing beside his stationary vehicle. Derenberger’s case goes on to catch the attention of the United States Navy, and the intrusions of his privacy by the supposed extraterrestrial entity are corroborated by his wife and children. Derenberger brings himself to a respected psychiatrist who clears him with a clean bill of health, and endures an extra stellar experience of his own. Months after Derenberger leaves the Doctor’s office he is contacted by a mutual friend, his name, “Indrid Cold” he doesn’t reach out by phone to the doctor, but contacts him through telepathy…

What would make an every day man, his family, noted and respected doctors and complete strangers risk all that they have to come forward with stories they know will only bring them ridicule and embarrassment. Were they all lying? If so why? Derenberger received only hardship, embarrassment and a personal meltdown in his relationship with his friends and family ultimately resulting in a divorce and he living in recluse to his final days. Is it coincidence that these extraordinary accounts were being reported before and during the reign of the Mothman, as well as the many UFO sightings transpiring only miles away from each other?

Many have pointed the finger at all of these strange and unusual occurrences as a collective whole, and as one big paranormal menace, while others have argued mere coincidence. One thing is fact, although there is no way to certainly declare or determine if these bizarre accounts had a correlation with one another in their activity, they all did decide to leave Point Pleasant at the very same moment in time.

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