Manatee Mansion

The Stranger awakens for the first time in this hotel resort. It is dilapidated, and although its visible outside facade seems very blocky and square, its cavernous maze of corridors and rooms implies it is truly vast. It has large double doors almost like barn doors in each of its four walls. Each of these doors opens to quite a different environment, with the Western Doors opening to a hedge maze, the Northern Doors opening to a cliff edge which has a manicured lawn and topiary gardens, garden pools and so on, the Eastern Doors opening on to the main gravel path leading through the forest to the unsealed road down the mountain, The Old Straight Track, which leads eventually to The Old Town and two day's walk away the township of Crayfish Creek. The Southern Doors lead across lawns and almost directly into a thick patch of forest and then down through meadows to the Manatee River and The Dig.

The man most often seen running Manatee Mansion is the Guy Behind The Desk, sometimes assisted by Agatha, one of the maids or housekeepers.

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