Ohio Dream

Psychologists around the world have discovered that for years everyday people around the globe have found the flowing tranquil waters of the mighty Ohio river popping up and floating into their dreams with no explanation as to why…People who have never set foot near its dark murky shores, who have no justification to have any interest in the body of water at all, for some reason, have a deeply buried desire to draw closer to the beckoning call of the clapping waves of the Ohio river. To this day this bizarre phenomenon remains a mystery. One thing is for sure, the destined call isn’t just reaching the slumbering minds of the unsuspecting, someone or something is reaching out to be heard or to draw attention to these small rural regions no one would care to notice otherwise…Point Pleasant since the 1700’s has amassed a towering record of accounts that go beyond rational explanation and lie somewhere between the metaphysical world and our own. Although most widely known for its tales, sightings, and alleged attacks of the winged mutated monster “The Mothman,” those familiar with the history of Point Pleasant understand that the incidents that transpired during it’s most prominent years of 1966 and 1967 certainly was not the beginning, and may just not be the end…Whatever dark force lurks here in the thick shadows of the ancient industrial alleyways, below the surface of the placid waters of the Ohio; and in the winds that swirl through the treetops that climb high above the resting points for those prominent figures who were key to the communities origin, one thing is certain…That uneasy restless energy was here before the citizens of Point Pleasant called it home, and shall remain, possibly beyond when man is no more.

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