Old Straight Track

The dirt track that leads from just below the snowline of Manatee Mountain all the way down to the valley at the base of the mountain, and in some wise as a hiking trail all the way to Crayfish Creek.

The Old Straight Track is a book by Alfred Watkins that was first published in 1925 describing ley lines in the United Kingdom. The full title is "The Old Straight Track: Its Mounds, Beacons, Moats, Sites and Mark Stones".

After he first suggested ley lines in 1921, Watkins searched for ley lines with great precision, using maps and charts. In this book he presented a methodical and thorough exposition of his theories of ley lines, following an earlier much shorter publication, "Early British Trackways" in 1922. The book has a preface, thirty chapters, four appendices and an index. There are many figures, and photographs taken by the author. In the book Watkins claims the straight "Roman roads" were based on earlier ancient tracks. According to the author, these ancient tracks 'criss-cross' the British Isles and were already very old when the Ancient Romans first came to Britain.

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